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What exactly is self-love and why is it so important?

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Many people ask themselves this and that is an excellent thing because self-love is the starting point for all areas of life. To have well-functioning relationships with those around us, we first need a healthy form of self-love. To achieve a state of mental and physical well-being and balance, we need self-love.

To be happy and content with ourselves without being carried away by the fluctuations of the outside world, we should first discover self-love for ourselves. Even anxiety, depression, traumatic experiences, burnout, or panic attacks all ultimately have a master key to healing and that is… you guessed it, self-love!

It is also very important to understand that self-love has nothing to do with selfishness or narcissism.
True self-love releases tension, brings you into your own strength and authenticity, and gives you new perspectives that will move you forward in your life.
Ultimately, we all want to be loved and liked, but unfortunately, we also do a lot of self-destructive things that we carry with us in our subconscious… all just to be seen and accepted by other people. Here too, self-love can show us the way to happiness and teach us a healthier view of life… and this not only has an extremely positive and healing effect on you personally but also on those around you and your relationships.

Here are some of the many topics that can be addressed through self-love coaching:

  • Lack of self-esteem
  • Where do I end and where does the other person begin? Define and maintain your own healthy boundaries
  • Understanding projections of others
  • Releasing anxiety, depression, dissatisfaction
  • Be happy and carefree as an empathetic person
  • Come into your own strength and authenticity
  • Better understand our own feelings and how they show us the path to healing
  • Allow yourself to be happy
  • The urge to always be accepted and liked by everyone – people-pleasing mode
  • Problematic relationships of any kind
  • The feeling of constantly looking for something
  • “I am not enough”, constant fear of missing out, fear of uncertainty
  • Self-critical thoughts
  • Judging yourself and others, etc.

Process and duration of self-love coaching

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