the QHHT Session

What can you expect during a QHHT session?

The process of a quantum healing hypnosis technique session.

Here you can be exactly who you are, without being judged and without having to pretend in any way. Just be fully in your authenticity.
You are warmly welcomed to a safe and loving place where you can open yourself completely. There is no right or wrong here, just the pure enjoyment of lightness in BEING.

I dedicate myself exclusively to you all day long to offer you the time and space you need to be seen and heard. We dive deeply into all the topics that concern you and bring new insights to light and relief into your life.
I am very happy to be able to walk this beautiful path with you.

The entire QHHT session generally lasts 5-6 hours, but there is no time limit if it takes longer.

The day belongs to you.

The preliminary discussion (approx. 2-3 hours)

We’ll start with a relaxed preliminary conversation where we can get to know each other better and you can talk to me about any topics that concern you. Here we also go through the questions you want to ask your Higher Self. I encourage you to write down all your questions before our meeting and bring them with you.

During the conversation, the first approaches to solutions are found and new perspectives and thought processes are stimulated. For most people, this stage is a deeply enriching and healing.

Hypnosis (approx. 2 hours)

After a short break, we come to the actual hypnosis/regression. You will be able to lie down comfortably and close your eyes. I will then lead you, similar to a guided meditation, into a very relaxed state of mind where you get into the theta brain wave. This is a completely natural phase of your body that you go through twice a day, at night just before you fall asleep and in the morning shortly after you wake up.

This means you can slide calmly and safely into a deeper level of consciousness, where you can find a lot of valuable information that may not be so tangible in everyday life. But you are still always in control, but in a gentle and relaxed way.
Here we will explore 1-3 past lives that can find helpful applications and lessons for life now.

We will then contact your Higher Self, which will give us answers to your questions. It is a beautiful and profound process that will surely enrich you.
The hypnosis will be audio recorded and you will receive the recording from me by email. This way you can go through the information again at any time and integrate it better.

The final discussion (approx. ½ – 1 hour)

After hypnosis, we can calmly go through the experience again and discuss certain findings.

Your preparation for the meeting

In advance of our joint QHHT session, I recommend that you think about all your questions and topics that you would like to work on and write them down. Feel free to bring them to the meeting so we can go through them point by point. Your Higher Self is already beginning to prepare for a conversation with you and it will lovingly and benevolently guide you to exactly the topics that will help you in the here and now.

It would be advisable to eat before our meeting because you can drink but not eat during the meeting. The evening before and on the day of our session, please do not drink alcohol and avoid or limit your intake of caffeine or other stimulants.

On the day of the session, I recommend doing an activity that you know relaxes and calms you. (e.g. meditating, taking a hot bath, going for a walk, listening to music, etc.)
Even after the session, I advise you to relax and drink plenty of water, as the first healing process can already be underway.

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