Quantum Healing
Hypnosis Technique

What is the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)?
What is Regression Hypnosis?

Have you always wanted to know what past lives you had or get answers to important questions about your current life? Then this unique hypnosis/regression technique is just right for you. It allows you to explore past existences, as well as to contact your own Higher Self, which offers you a lot of information about all aspects of your life.

The inventor and founder of the quantum healing hypnosis technique is the world-famous Dolores Cannon, who has refined this technique for over 45 years and practiced it very successfully. She is also known as the author of numerous books sharing her extremely amazing experiences with QHHT.

Dolores Canon

Past life regression can provide a lot of useful information about current important life issues/situations, behavioral patterns, physical complaints, relationship issues or various problems and thus lead to understanding, clarity and inspiration for healing and blockage resolution.

In a QHHT session, your Higher Self is also involved and can provide extremely insightful answers to all of your questions. Your Higher Self is the very part of you that is connected to ‘all that is’ and whose top priority is always your best well-being. It can provide you with exactly the information from completely different perspectives that can best help you in the here and now.

Topics and questions that can be addressed in a QHHT session:

  • What is my life’s mission?
  • Am I on the right path?
  • Relationships (life partner, family, friends, colleagues)
  • Anxiety, depression, addictions and burnout
  • trauma
  • Releasing physical, emotional and psychological blockages and complaints
  • Self-love, forgiveness, allowing and understanding yourself, mindfulness
  • Releasing self-criticism, “not being good enough” and blame

  • Get into the flow and gain more clarity
  • Who am I? Where do I actually come from?
  • Help with important life decisions
  • Let go and find ease, allow your own creativity
  • Career/job related questions or problems
  • Understanding spiritual or extraordinary experiences
  • Understanding and changing outdated thought patterns so that new, loving and positive perspectives can be recognized that enrich life
  • Why did different things happen in my life and what should I learn from them?

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