About me
Denise Radu

“Today I have the strength and insight needed to say that I am grateful for my symptoms and depression…”

My name is Döniz Maria Radu, but everyone calls me Denise

I have been able to spend the years of my life so far in Romania, Hungary, Germany and Portugal. This has influenced me since my early childhood and enabled me to get to know different cultures and views on life. I therefore speak Romanian, Hungarian, German and English and actually feel at home anywhere in the world.

Accordingly, I taught languages for many years, which I really enjoyed. I particularly liked dealing with people and I often noticed that a lot of people felt comfortable in my presence and were able to open up to me about many topics outside of class. Helping people on a spiritual level began to become more and more important to me. I also worked for various companies for years, but I always had the feeling that I wasn’t on “my path” yet.

In addition, there were several illnesses and a deep depression that took a toll on me over several years. Going to the doctor often turned out to be unhelpful and I also didn’t have the opportunity to take a holistic anamnesis.

So I decided to take my healing into my own hands because I realized that my problems were just the tip of the iceberg and that the reasons for them were much deeper than expected. I began to deal very intensively with topics such as self-love, coping with trauma, psychology, meditation, body and energy work, nutrition, spirituality, spiritual guides, etc.

The more I learned and practiced, the better my health felt on both a mental and physical level. I understood that the physical complaints were just messages to me to show me what emotional wounds I needed to take a closer look at. Once I could heal them, there was no longer any reason for them to exist.

I also understood the importance of approaching healing from many different perspectives. The fact that I was getting better and better and that I managed to free myself from my depression awakened in me a deep desire to be able to make these experiences possible for other people.

I initially tried it on my family members and friends and noticed how much better they were doing and how many positive changes were taking place in their lives. After a while, I “accidentally” came across a book by Dolores Cannon (the founder of QHHT) and I was so impressed by it that I immediately felt that helping other people was my life’s mission.

All of my previous findings were reflected in this extraordinary hypnosis and regression technique and represented a wonderful instrument for carrying out my life’s work. After I completed my training at the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Academy, my path as a QHHT practitioner began and has helped numerous people since then accompany them on their healing path.

Today I have the strength and the necessary insight to be able to say that I am grateful for my complaints and depression, because they gave me the life-changing experiences of self-healing and self-love and revealed ‘my path’ to me. And as a certified QHHT practitioner, I would now like to make these experiences possible for other people.

May I help you on your way?

I look forward to hearing your story and being part of your journey!