Happiness Coaching

Process and duration of the Happiness Coaching sessions

The first session

Getting to know each other – 2 hours

At our first meeting, I would like to take enough time to get to know each other better and to understand your concerns.

I think it is always very important to first understand the reasons and effects of the concerns in order to then be able to create space for new and healthy patterns of thinking and behavior.

Regular meetings

Going Deeper and treatment – 1.5 hours

Here we thoroughly address all of your concerns and find practical solutions and applications.

Through the methods and insights used here, I would like to introduce you to a whole range of instruments that you can use later to navigate life in a balanced and healthy way. More importantly, you can HAVE FUN and ENJOY BEING YOURSELF!

In most cases, a few sessions are enough to achieve the desired results, so long treatment periods are not necessary.

How do I best prepare for Happiness Coaching?

Happiness Coaching does not require any special preparation. If you think about which topics you would like to work on before our first meeting, that is completely sufficient. You are welcome to write them down and bring them with you to the meeting.
Just come exactly as you are and be open to new things!

Make an appointment for Happiness Coaching

I look forward to meeting you!